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22nd of September 2014


Vital statistics:

Date cell captive legislation was passed:
Name of cell captive law:
Companies Act , Cap 308, 356.25b Date: (2001)
Total number of cell companies:
Exempt 10 , Qualifying 4
Total number of individual active cells:
Exempt 7 , Qualifying 2
Capitalisation requirements:
Non-cell : minimum US$125,000 Each cell: US$12,500
Licensing Fees:
US$250 application fee; US$2,500 annual licence
Tax regime for cell companies/cells:
Exempt None , Qualifying - 1.75 %
Regulatory contact name:
Carlos Belgrave, supervisor-insurance
Regulatory contact details:
Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs 2nd Floor ,Weymouth Corporate Centre Bridgetown BB11080 Barbados Phone: 246-426-3815 Fax: 246-436-2699

PCCs in Barbados:

Stellar Insurance SCC

Spectrum Insurance Services SCC

Imagine Reinsurance SCC

Global Re SCC


Cygnet Property & Casualty SCC

CCC 550 Insurance SCC

CCC Insurance SCC

Aim Insurance (Barbados) SCC