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23rd of September 2014

Aon captive restructure plan revealed


Aon Global Insurance Managers AGIM), the captive management division of the Aon Corporation has formally announced its plans to streamline the division into regional hubs.

As reported in Captive Review in June, the leadership structure of AGIM is to be divided into three regional hubs -Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA); the Americas; and Asia-Pacific.

Andrew Tunnicliffe, chief operating officer for Aon Global Risk Consulting in London, has been confirmed in the global leadership role for the new regional structures.

Nancy Gray, executive director of North American operations in the Vermont office, will add the Cayman Islands, Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda and Panama to her existing responsibilities for the US and Canada.

John English, managing director of Aon Global Risk Consulting in London, will lead the EMEA operations, in Guernsey, Dublin, the Isle of Man, Switzerland, Sweden, Luxembourg, Gibraltar and Malta.

Paul Johnson will continue to have responsibility for AGIM operations in Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia.

"The basic fundamentals of captive management have been impacted by a period of dramatic upheaval driven by the economic crisis,” said Tunnicliffe in a statement.

“Aon Global Insurance Managers is committed to partnering locally and regionally with clients to address these challenges, including capital efficiency, regulatory and legislative change and the shifting political environment."

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